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Corona Informations

What is the maximum number of people who can shoot Corona-Safe?

In the Basic package (without lounge) there should be no more than 8. From the Pro Package (with lounge) 11 are optimal, but 15 still ok. Anything more than that should be discussed with us, so that we can offer additional rooms, for example.

How is the fresh air supply regulated?

We offer special air filtration systems in all studio rooms that work with Hepa filters (H14) and UV-C light and, according to the manufacturer, have a viral separation efficiency of 99.995%. Excerpt from the conclusion of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP: "The recovery of active viruses was reduced by 99.43% after 45 minutes of device operation." In addition, the studio is supplied with outdoor fresh air from the bunker's large air conditioning system and the lounge has a window that can be opened.

What else must be considered?

Masks are mandatory in the entire bunker. When filming, you should adhere to these guidelines: SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Standard for Film Productions.

Is there support for Corona-safe shooting?

Yes, we have an in-house hygiene manager with professional qualification. If desired, we can also organize a hygiene concept for you and have a staff of hygiene officers, risk assessment advisors (disinfection specialists) or medical personnel on hand to carry out rapid antigen tests.

How's the catering going?

Since a minimum distance of 1.50 must be maintained, we offer enough alternative options here. You should discuss this with us as soon as you know your team size.

Remote Production, Streaming, Monitoring, Keying

Can we all stay at home and watch the shoot from the comfort of our home office?

Yes - no problem. We already shot spots in the first Lockdown TV, where the agency and client were connected to us via special streaming connections and low latency. Theoretically, even the director could be sitting in the home office. We can organize the entire shooting team and are often also active as a pure service production.

What latency can be expected with streaming?

There are different solutions: low latency and moderate image quality but no extra charge (e.g. via zoom). High image quality but with about 30 seconds latency for quality assessment or high image quality and less than seconds latency for auditory, image AND content assessment. Just contact us so that we can advise you optimally.

What is part of the monitoring and which connections are possible?

You can use SDI signal or HDMI to the central image mixer and from there it is distributed to all monitors. In the studio, there are two 23" Full HD monitors hanging from pole-operated pantographs. A dual waveform / PreVis monitor (Blackmagic Design SmartScope Duo 4K) can be freely assigned with different signals. In the lounge there is also a 55" flatscreen, which is connected via a BNC direct line from the studio and is also equipped with an Apple TV and SDI/HDMI converter on the back. So your customer can also send his laptop picture via Wifi to the monitor. In addition, we have several set monitors and, for example, two 4K control room monitors (Sumo 19 incl. HiSpeed SSDs) in the Rent.

How good is the internet line and upload speed?

We have a fibre optic connection with 300 MBit upstream and 300 MBit downstream at the same time. The bandwidths are symmetrical, 100% guaranteed. The availability is 99.9%, which is really a top value. These are not maximum values, but the values guaranteed by Colt Internet.

Can you put the image in the background?

The Black Magic ATEM Television Studio HD mixer can be operated via its front panel. This also allows green screen live keying for PreVis purposes. This way you can better evaluate your lighting. It is recommended that you plan in advance what you will put in the background later, because only then is realistic lighting possible. Next to the image mixer is the Hyperdeck Studio Mini. This either acts as a 422HQ player for the background that you want to see instead of green screen, or can be used as a 422HQ recorder for proxies if you want to save the 4K director's monitor (Sumo 19).

Timing, logistics, sizes

How large is the studio?

You can find a detailed dimensioning here:

Are there other rooms?

Yes - various other rooms inside the bunker can be rented from our friends and neighbors. Just ask us for what purpose.

When can we start at the earliest?

We leave that up to you. Since we operate the studio virtually 24/7, we charge surcharges at night or on Sundays and holidays. The amount of the surcharge depends on the rental period. Just talk to us about this.

How is overtime regulated?

In general, 10 hours are included. From the 11th hour we charge 15% of the daily rent of the basic package.

How are the parking facilities?

Currently, the entire bunker area is a construction site while construction is going on at the bunker. All who do not deliver anything should park at the Pakplatz Heiligengeistfeld (only 4,- EUR per day). Access is from Glacis Chaussee, or from Feldstraße - sometimes both. If there is a show (DOM) at Heiligengeistfeld, you should try to access the parking lot from Feldstraße.  We always approach via Glacis Chaussee first, because then you can almost drive through to the bunker and only have to walk around the construction fence. There is a current site plan with all the information - you can get this from the studio manager when booking, as it changes frequently.

How are deliveries regulated?

During the construction phase there will be a "Zufahrt Nord“ (access north). You will receive an up-to-date map of the area when you make your booking. At the entrance, tell the gatekeeper that you want to go to STUDIO11 / Tower-C. The gatekeeper will let you through or give you special instructions. Within Tower-C is the freight elevator. Park near the entrance to Tower-C so that construction vehicles can still get through and call the unit manager or the STUDIO11 office so that someone can pick you up. If possible, unit manager should pick up all keys first. After completing a delivery, the vehicle should leave the bunker area and park in one of the surrounding parking lots (see FAQ question 'Parking Facilities').

Is there a place for production vehicles?

With a parking permit, which we can obtain for you, it is possible for OB vans, equipment, outfit or production vehicles to remain on the premises. Please contact us for this.

Is there a freight elevator and is it accessible at ground level?

There are two freight elevators that lead to our floor (4th floor) and can be loaded at ground level. It is best to use the freight elevator from Tower C.

What is the maximum payload? What are the maximum passage widths?

Freight elevator: max. 3 tons, 260 deep, 210 high, 150 wide, 290 diagonal. Fire door: 135 wide, 195 high, 235 diagonal.

General questions about the studio

Is the studio soundproof?

The studio has extremely good acoustics and no reverberation. High-quality sound absorbers, a special floor construction and sound-absorbing special curtains so-called for this. During the construction phase on the roof of the bunker, however, there may be sound disturbances from outside. These can be planned in advance. We also offer various alternative options to partner studios or other solutions. Please contact us directly.

Can we work with hazer or fog?

Yes, it's possible since mid-February 2021. The only important thing is that the main ventilation to the bunker facility is switched off and that sufficient air circulation is provided on the ceiling to prevent heat build-up. The new fire alarms no longer react visually but already at 60° Celsius. 

Is the studio freshly painted?

Yes - after each rental with floor use the studio is repainted. We charge per square meter according to the agreements at the time of renting.

Can the studio be used in another color?

Yes - we can repaint to any desired color. However, it must always be repainted back to green. We can organize this completely. Just talk to us. Generally one sqm costs 7,50 EUR incl. paint and painter.

Is there a music system?

A good amplifier and 2 floorstanding speakers are available. Input via mini jack.

Equipment, styling, make-up, catering

For how many people is the mask room suitable?

The fixed mask mirror with integrated light can be used for 2 people. Theoretically, you could organize 1-2 more mobile mask places (can be rented for this purpose). During the stricter distance regulations we recommend to have only one person there ready to shoot. The room has a Hepa H14 filter with a virus removal efficiency of 99.995% (Corona safe).

Is there a separate locker room?

Our mask is lockable and can also be used as a locker room. If the space is not enough, we can offer more rooms. Just talk to us about it.

Is there a steamer, iron, ironing board, clothes rack, etc.?

Yup - everything is available - even distilled water.

Can you recommend a catering service?

You can find a list in our download section We can also organize the catering if you wish. When the Lockdown is through, you can also take advantage of the excellent lunch service at the Marktkönig in the Rindermarkthalle (which can be pre-ordered in the morning), if the shooting schedule allows it.

How many people can eat at the same time?

During Corona time: since a minimum distance of 1.50 must be maintained, we offer enough alternative options here. You should discuss this with us as soon as you know your team size. In general (without Corona problem): in the lounge 10-12 people can sit at the same time - we still have 2 beer table sets and other rooms that we can offer for larger teams. Just contact us.

Construction stage, set construction

Are there usable green elements?

There is a staircase with 4 steps, various boxes and columns, a rollable wall, several partitions and other building elements. We always have enough green screen paint in the house.

Are there any tools available?

Whether Makita cordless screwdriver, or a well-equipped toolbox - basics are always available.

Is there a set building service?

Yes - we have various set construction specialists and carpenters on hand here.